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Manya was born in Athens and has lived in Vienna, London, Brussels, Bali and currently Dubai. She has travelled the world solo for the past 25 years. Her journeys have been life-changing, experiential adventures. Her eyes and her camera focused on people, on documenting everyday life, on looking for the soul behind the faces. A lot of her photographs resemble paintings, many evoke a sense of melancholy and nostalgia.


In 2006 she got married under a Marula tree in the South African bush, amongst the Zulu people and a handful of close friends and family. Soon after her son came she put her travel photography on hold and focused on raising him. Leaving behind the momentum, which came with proposals to exhibit in many countries, she turned her creativity to writing, a lifelong love.


Manya holds a Masters degree in Management from Boston University and thrived in the corporate world for many years but creativity and wanderlust always won the day. She also holds a Certificate in Photography from Cornell University. She is currently rebooting and restarting all aspects of her artistic side. This website is a work in progress.


Emotional Journeys
Karydio Idryma, Athens Greece
October 2010

Journeys of the Soul
The Boiler House, London  UK

March 2011

All proceeds from both exhibitions were donated

to charity. Merimna Greece and Kids UK, respectively.


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